Wine Press Poetry

Invocation to the Divine Mother

- I -

Divine Mother, dark lamp of illumination,
open our shining eyes in your vast womb.
Raise the looking glass you hold, of inspiration -
let it rise, moonlike, over this one's tomb
reflecting fully your gentle light of intuition
upon the fabric woven on your loom.

Focus this one's lens upon the scene imprinted there
and depict the living tapestry patterned by Meher.

- II -

Align the circling planets and the stars you choose
into a configuration that aids your undertaking.
Permit some light to shine from this one's muse,
for darkness alternates with sun's awaking -
what we gain by day, at night we seem to lose,
and your house we must one day be forsaking.

Glance our way, extending your romantic dare
that we surrender, at least momentarily, to Meher.

- III -

Ignite in this one the tool of bright imagination,
the saffron flame with the turquoise heart of blue -
light our way to that place of celebration
and bring out in the colorless every vivid hue
painting life with exciting tinges of anticipation
of the fulfillment of that love that is foever new.

For we have only known the night shades of care
while we wish to see all the bright colors of Meher!

- IV -

Goddess, beckon with a graceful hand those with shining eyes
who look for one to string poetic pearls of sound -
create a vibration in their mind that their longing magnifies
by breathing through this hollow reed you found.
Amplify that music that is a continual surprise
while speading your flowery scent upon this ground.

Tell us of your Beloved and of what His lover now should be aware,
for we are poor lovers and would discover how we could see Meher.