Wine Press Poetry

The Looking Glass

The Looking Glass, Book 1, Refraction
Copyright 1994-2009 by Doug Webb

This section of The Looking Glass is a poetric treatment of evolution inspired by The Divine Theme given by Avatar Meher Baba in God Speaks and elsewhere. It attempts to tell the story of the development of the heart through the myriad foms of nature culminating in the very acute, human awareness of our apparent separation from God.


We each hold a looking glass,
a two-way mirror
allowing us to see from where we are
to the day before Forever.

Hardwood framed and slightly silvered,
it is a gateway to a light that we may find
through reflection and despite refraction,
burning amber in the night sky of the mind.

But the glass is shattered, melted down
and transformed by the divine,
shaped and hollowed into crystal goblets
filling naturally with bright red wine.